Product Description:Viglacera – GLOSS ONE super glossy painted furniture, the paint is made of acrylic resin. This type of paint has high adhesion, waterproofing, anti-blistering, peeling fight between painting and wall surfaces are very high, which helps cover small cracks as fine lines, rich colors …

Packaging: 1 kg, 6 kg, 20 kg (both packaging volume)


Exceptional Features:

  1. Very glossy, capable of good adhesion, color rich, durable colors … fresh and durable over time.
  2. Able cover small cracks, scrub clean the surface effectively … always shiny coating.
  3. Tropicalize was consistent with the extreme weather conditions of Vietnam.
  4. High coverage – cost per m 2 .
  5. Easy construction, environmental friendly.
  6. Consistent TCVN: 6934-2001



Types of glue Smoothly Theoretical coverage Viscosity Soak in water & DD Ca (OH) 2 saturated
Acrylic 25 micron 10-12m 2 / 1lop / 1kg KU 99 ± 0.5% Durable coatings
Proportion Solids nonvolatile Surface drying time Full dry time Dilution
1:19 51.4 30 minutes 2 o’clock Up to 10% clean water



  1. Surface preparation: The surface paint should be cleaned and dry, the humidity is 15%, not dirty, non-stick chemicals, grease, iron rust, peeling, use detergent to clean necessary. Use sandpaper to create a smooth surface is glossy paint. Cracks and holes should be patched prior to construction.
  2. Stir well before using the paint bucket. Use Roller, roller or spray painting to construction machines.
  3. Pour leftover paint into the bucket, cleaning paint contaminated places with water up at once.

Recommended paint system:


Wall plaster powder 1-2 grades  Senior putty Viglacera
primer 1-2 grades Alkaline-resistant primer senior Viglacera – PRIME IN
coatings 02 classes – Son Viglacera super bubble interior – GLOSS ONE